Crawthorne's Catalog of Creatures: Scaled Devil

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Crawthorne's Catalog of Creatures: Scaled Devil for the Pathfinder RPG

Each release for Crawthorne's Catalog of Creatures for the Pathfinder RPG presents a single, new creature for your Pathfinder RPG game, as presented by the famous and retired monster hunter and adventurer, Lord Crawthorne. Each release presents game stats for the new creature, as well as three adventure ideas to help insert them into your game.

The Scaled Devil is a ravenous body guard, emissary, and guide that contracts itself out to visitors and residents of Hell alike. But be careful -- failing to fully read or understand their contract of service (let alone breaking its terms) could find you inside this serpent-like devil's belly.

Both a color and print-friendly version of the product are included.

Written by Emily Brumfield / Susann Hessen