Complete Guide to Treants

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Note: This product uses 3.0 rules.

What happens when a forest dies? Its treant swears vengeance. Learn about the dark side of treants: fury, hatred, revenge, and the charred, undead creatures left behind when a treant burns . . .

The Complete Guide to Treants is a stand-alone, world-neutral sourcebook covering everything you ever wanted to know about treants. It covers the traditional role of the treant as noble protector of the forest, but also examines the fate of those treants who turn to other means. It includes:

  • Detailed background material on treants, including their various groves, the guild-like branches of the Vine of Tales, their cosmology, the deep treants of the underdark, and more.
  • Stats and background on the dark side of treants: shadowed treants, who resort to great evils to protect their trees; forsaken treants, driven insane by the loss of their forest; the blasted, treants killed with fire then animated to walk again as undead; and more.
  • Full stats for treants as a character race, including four new classes (Firesworn, Treeherd, Woodwarden, and Leafsinger).
  • And, of course, new feats, spells, and other such things.

The Complete Guide to Treants is the sixth volume in the Complete Guide series. Each Complete Guide is exactly what it sounds like: a complete guide to playing a given kind of monster. As a GM, you'll learn how to run that monster, both in combat and roleplaying situations. And since every Complete Guide includes guidelines on playing the monster as a character race, players have new options, too.

The Complete Guide to Treants can be inserted easily into any fantasy setting.


  • EN World, staff reviewer John Cooper: 5 stars. "If I can be excused for using the oft-hated "crunch" and "fluff" terms, while The Complete Guide to Treants has some excellent "crunch" - quite a bit of it, in fact, more than you'll find in most similarly-sized books on a specific monster race - it's the "fluff" that helps make the "crunch" so good. Despite it being a 3.0 book, I can highly recommend it for anyone seeking to use treants in their 3.0 or 3.5 D&D campaigns."
  • EN World, staff reviewer Joe Kushner: 5 stars. "I'm quite pleased with the sheer amount of material in the book. The templates, classes, magic items and spells will all find a use in my campaign and that's about as high a recommendation as you can get."
  • GameWyrd: "It's rare that I'm so pleased with a slim guidebook but it's also rare one is as successful as Goodman's Complete Guide to Treants. Treants is good value for money, a good read and will provide both tempting ideas and useful game mechanics to your campaign."
  • GamePlayNews: "The Complete Guide to Treants is a super campaign resource. It gets a DMs imagination going with the formal ways and whys about his world's forest guardians and how it all works together, then gives him the tools and loads of crunchy bits to bring this aspect of the campaign to the table and challenge the players! Covering everything from actually playing a treant to ensuring no two treants in your game are the same, this book covers it all. Highly recommended."

Written by Joe Crow