Captain's Log #40 Color SSDs

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The SSDs from Captain's Log #40 are now available in color. Check out these ships:

New ships for Star Fleet Battles: Five Romulan variants of the F5W (K5W war destroyer, KCW war destroyer leader, KVW mobile carrier, KEW escort war destroyer, and KXW advanced technology war destroyer), two Tholian heavy police units (police destroyer and police war destroyer), WYN Orca light tactical transport, and Old M81 Galaxy pirate Raider and Raider Destroyer.

New ships for Federation Commander: Klingon D7A with a stasis field generator, three Frax ships (heavy cruiser, war cruiser, and war destroyer), and Old M81 Galaxy pirate Raider and destroyer.

New ships for Starmada Admiral edition: Federation war destroyer, Federation new light cruiser, Klingon F5W destroyer, and Kzinti FFK frigate.