Captain's Log #28

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A special Stellar Shadows issue filled with things that can't happen but now you can enjoy them. Fiction (Klingons raid the lair of the Tholian Battleship; Star Fleet learns about unintended consequences; history of Fed DDs part 4); a scenario (Kzintikaze); fifty new ships: Paravians, Fed multi-engine refits, Klingon BC8, gunfighter frigates, Romulan heavy assault cruisers, Gorn base buster and destroyer-dreadnought, Tholian battleship; Hydran galleon; Lyran emergency conversions; WYN captured ships from several races (Tholian, Romulan, Gorn, Hydran, Seltorian, even Andromedan!), Seltorian penal ship. New rules and weapons: plasmatron, plasmas you can launch when cloaked, faster plasma, dial a torpedo; the Lyran fighter torpedo that was never fielded; Gorn waterdog modular bomber, fighter armor, warp gearshift. F&E: new rules, complete data for new ships, data from SSJ1; Cloudburst scenario. No limit Klingon Hold'em. The tribble launcher.