Captain's Log #25

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Captain's Log #25 contains the following:

  • Fiction: Return of the Hood, First Encounter with the Andros, Class History of Hydran Pegasus, Blue Fleet Intel Report.
  • Commo: Tournaments, Future, After Action, questions, Why, Lyran County Symbols, Proposals, Lighter Side.
  • Scenarios: six new ones.
  • Ships: 4 variants of the Pegasus, 6 division control ships, 4 heavy Tholians, two others.
  • Database: Battle group, Anarchist, development of Klingon fighters, Example of PFs, Hydrans for SFBF, Fed member races.
  • Venues: Warlord, Conquest, SFC, SFBOL, PBEM.
  • Tactics: Victory at Origins Patrol, Souldra Tactics, Term papers.
  • F&E: Rules & rulings, Operation Ill Wind, ISC for F&E, tactics.

Written by Stephen Cole