Captain's Log #23

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This issue includes fiction about X-ships, new X-ship rules, five scenarios, a new empire (Imperium from the Triangulum Galaxy with four new ships), a new weapon for the Omega-Vari and four ships that carry it, Anarchist (Federation-Klingon), Victory at Origins, Maesron Tactics Primer, F&E Scenario (North-South War, generic two-player conflict), F&E Q&A, SFB Q&A, story for Prime Directive, deck plans of the Free Trader, Early Years freighters, list of all known planets (by F&E hex numbers), SFBOL, PBEM, Galactic Conquest, new rules and "cards" for Star Fleet Battle Force, Tactics for Warlord, Term Papers, new Federation medals, Why, templates for writing your own SFB rules, and more!

Written by Stephen Cole