Captain's Log #22

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Two stories of Klingon C7 heavy battlecruisers, history of all ten C7s, contents of a planetary defense unit, tournament reports, Input Guide, Proposals Board, Awards, Judges, Rangers, After-Action Reports, Schedule, Why?, Battle Group, Ask Admiral Growler, Preview of SFB Module J2, Miniatures, Death of a Warlord, Star Fleet Command, SFB on line, Play by Email, Omega PF preview, Early Years update and new ships, F&E battle group rule, new ships from Advanced Operations, Omega for Prime Directive, Brothers of the Anarchist (Kzinti-Klingon), SFB Speed Change example, seven new SFB scenarios, SFB Patrol Victory at Origins, Qari tactics, Term Papers, Ask Uncle Ardak, F&E Advanced Operations preview, Red WYN Express scenario for F&E, strategies in F&E, errata for F&E expansions and Gorn fixes, F&E Q&A. Total 112 pages.

Written by Stephen Cole