Captain's Log #16

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This issue from November 1994 marked a new 112-page format.

HISTORY includes the story A Sense of Obligation about Tholians and their slaves, and a page of Universe Notes including how to convert warp factors into hexes on the game board.

DATABASE (which became the commo section in later issues) included conventions, rated aces, service awards, Input Guide, Why, Proposals Board, Kommodore Ketrick, After Action Review, Command the Future, several rules examples, Battle Force 1400, Building an SFB Group, 101 ways to kill a B10, Ten Questions, and a play aid for energy records.

UNIVERSE (which later became venues) included the Vudar in Prime Directive, new missions for Star Fleet Missions, reports on Star Fleet Warlord, and the Frax background. (There was a 16-page Frax SSD book in the back pages.)

SCENARIOS include nine new ones (SL148-156.)

TACTICS include the X-Ship Seminar, Term Papers, Victory at Gencon 94, and Ask Uncle Ardak.

A special feature was the Star Fleet Universe Index.

FEDERATION & EMPIRE includes Q&A, Tactical Notes, Alliance Maulers, the Federation Warlords scenario, an article on balancing fleets for a free campaign, a list of allowed substitutions during production, and and preview rules for casual PF flotillas.

Eight new ships including Jindarian shipyards, new X-ships, and maulers (plus the 16 Frax ships).

Written by Stephen Cole