(Boom Bundle) The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Conventional Warfare!

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Grab the Conventional Warfare Bookmark and five random promo cards for one penny + shipping and handling. Just enter the promo code found in Munchkin #15 from BOOM! Studios during checkout. Don't have the promo code? Visit your local comic retailer to pick up a copy of Munchkin #15!

If you order Munchkin #15 from Warehouse 23, we will include the Official Munchkin Bookmark of Conventional Warfare and five random promo cards with your order free of charge!*



If you are ordering more than one Boom Bundle, please follow these steps:

1. Add ONE of the Boom Bundles to your crate.

2. Enter the corresponding Promo Code.

3. In the "Comments" section, enter any additional code(s).

   (Only one of each code per order, please!)

Our shipping team will include all cards and bookmarks associated with any Bundle codes listed in the comments section.