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BloodQuest is a "rules sketch" for Mongoose Publishing's RuneQuest, allowing you to use the RuneQuest rules for a modern horror setting designed to be semi-compatible with Blood! and allowing you to more easily incorporate Blood!'s upcoming monster products (which will include statistics for Blood! and both leading OGL systems).

This is NOT a complete rules set and you will need RuneQuest in order to use these rules changes. You may also be interested in Blood! for a complete, self-contained horror rules set.

Includes. . .

  • Mind Points for tracking mental stress and loss of sanity.
  • Fatigue Points for a less abstract way of tracking exhaustion.
  • Courage for resisting horrifying situations.
  • Modern Basic and Advanced skills.
  • Modern cultural and professional templates.
  • Firearms combat, armour, and weapons rules.
  • Vehicle rules.

Written by James Grim Desborough