Blackdyrge's Templates: Roguish

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Blackdirge Publishing presents the roguish template, the next installment in the Blackdyrge's Templates series, and the second template in the "synergy" line. The roguish template turns your monsters and villains into quick, stealthy predators. It is ideal for skulking humanoids, such as goblins, kobolds, and bugbears, accentuating and strengthening the natural gifts of these iconic monsters, but can be added to nearly any monster for a fun and unexpected twist. Like all synergistic templates, creatures with the roguish template become more powerful and gain access to more abilities with the addition of PC class levels; rogue in this case.

So, if you need to add a bit of punch to your goblin or kobold tribe, or just a stealthy twist to any monster, then let Blackdirge Publishing and the roguish template give you a hand.

Blackdyrge's Templates - Roguish contains 7 pages of new d20 material and includes the following:

  • An introduction by Blackdyrge
  • The roguish template
  • Iconic monster #1 - a roguish bugbear
  • Iconic monster #2 - Rukin Grimgrab, a powerful roguish derro assassin
  • Fantastic illustrations by Jesse Mohn

Written by Aeryn Rudel