Blackdyrge's Templates: Armored Apparition

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The latest installment of Blackdyrge's Templates highlights the monstrous sage's exploration into a new type of incorporeal undead. The armored apparition is a ghostly spirit that can inhabit a magical suit of armor, bringing many of its terrible life-draining attacks into the corporeal world. These powerful spirits can devastate foes with spectral energy or simply cut them to pieces with blade and skill at arms. In addition, the armored apparition takes on many of the aspects of animated constructs, making them exceedingly difficult to damage.

So add a new dimension to your wraiths, ghosts, spectres, and shadows, with Blackdirge Publishing and the armored apparition.

Blackdyrge's Templates - Armored Apparition contains 8 pages of new d20 material and includes the following:

  • An introduction by Blackdyrge
  • The armored apparition template
  • Iconic monster #1 - an armored spectre
  • Iconic monster #2 - an armored dread wraith
  • Fabulous illustrations by Hunter McFalls

Written by Aeryn Rudel