Blackdyrge's Bits & Pieces: Weapons of Synergy

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The infamous lich sage Blackdyrge has opened up the dusty pages of his collected notebooks to give you a glimpse into the strange, the wondrous, and the astonishing. A new series of short PDFs, Blackdyrge's Bits & Pieces presents a variety of OGL material that both players and GMs will find useful. Innovative new feats, magic items, spells, and even monsters are just some of the topics that will be covered in future installments.

Blackdyrge's Bits & Pieces kicks off with Weapons of Synergy, 12 new weapon special abilities designed to augment and improve a PC's existing abilities. Although a synergy weapon special ability offers some minor enhancement to all wielders, its true powers are unlocked only by those with the correct feats or class features, allowing PCs to get more out of their magical weapons than just a bonus to attack and damage rolls.

Blackdyrge's Bits & Pieces - Weapons of Synergy contains 7 pages of new OGL material and includes the following 12 new "synergy" weapon special abilities:

  • Adroit
  • Deft
  • Disarming
  • Enraging
  • Feinting
  • Point Blank
  • Robust
  • Reactive
  • Relentless
  • Serpentstrike
  • Saddlescourge
  • Smiting

Also Included

  • An introduction by Blackdyrge.
  • 3 fully detailed magic weapons highlighting select synergy weapon special abilities.
  • Fabulous illustrations by Hunter McFalls.

Written by Aeryn Rudel