Battlelords Paper Minis

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Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century Paper Miniatures are designed as a companion to your roleplaying sessions. They are scaled to fit in with standard 25mm or 28mm miniatures common to roleplaying, and are appropriate for game mats and maps using 1" hex markings.

In this PDF we have provided miniature representations of the PC races, both male and female, found in the Battlelords rulebook. There are 27 individual miniatures, both rendered in color, and as line art if you would like to color them yourself for more variety. We have also included blank miniature forms so you can create your own drawings.

27 individual paper miniatures, ready for printing and assembly:

  • Chatilian (2)
  • Cizerack (2)
  • Eridani (3)
  • Gen-Human (2)
  • Human (2)
  • Mazian (2)
  • Mutzachan (2)
  • Orion (2)
  • Phentari (2)
  • Python Lizard (2)
  • Ram Python (2)
  • Tza Zen Rigeln (2)
  • Zen Rigeln (2)

Written by Michael Osadciw