Battle Master Pack

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Battle Masters this is for you! All the tables you need at your fingertips to help run a fast game. Now all of those often used tables and stats are all in one place. The Battle Master Pack organizes table sets into Combat, Medical, and Perception sections for easy lookup, so your gaming session will run smoother. Also included are new rules for making Mass Incoming fire work faster and more efficient (no more rolling 72 locations when a poor PC gets wasted by a quad-laser MG). Several more BM aids are included as well.

The Battle Master Pack contains all of the important Battlelords tables that you regularly use during a gaming session:

  • Battle Master Tips
  • Expanded Malfunction Tables
  • Mass Incoming Fire Rules and Tables
  • Medical Tables
  • Perception Tables
  • NPC Armor Sheets

Written by Lawrence R. Sims / Louis Norton