Avalon Counters, Orcs Set

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Need a set of counters for your RPG Game, but don't have the time or money to paint metal figures, or want to drag huge bags of plastic figures from game to game. Need counters for your board game, or are you making a game and need fast counters and images for your counters.

Well Avalon Games is here to help out. Yep, we're at it again. Here you go, tons counters, all you will ever need for your gaming needs.

Each set will come with several different types of counters and counter images.

  • 54 1" Square Counters of nine different characters (6 counters of each per sheet)
  • 60 1/2" Square Counters of 12 different characters (5 counters per sheet)
  • 48 1/2" Round Counters of 12 different characters (5 counters per sheet)
  • 18 1" Round Counters of six different characters
  • 6 Full Color Icon Images so you can make your own counters.

Written by Robert Hemminger