Astral Empires, Ship Guide Book (Marcher and Cimmaron)

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Ships of Astral Empires -Two Pack-Marcher Class Freighter and Cimarron Class Corvette

Need to head out to deep space for some adventuring? Looking for a good dependable starship to keep you from breathing vacuum? Hoping for a good payday but know that you need a serviceable vessel to ensure you make it back to port? Port Nova Media has you covered.

In this PDF book you get two unique ship designs with completely different construction backgrounds, class histories, and capabilities drawn from the Astral Empires universe. Fully illustrated with multiple views of these two classes along with a basic deckplan for each, this book will help you bring to life your science fiction adventures. This book may also be of interest to fans of futuristic technology, spaceships or science fiction in general.

Written by Kevin Monk