Ars Magica: Living Lore

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Myth and Reality

In Mythic Europe, kings rule their feudal lands, but their wives can be stolen by magic. The church preaches repentance, and saints manifest on Earth to enforce their will. Countries can be changed into lakes, and whole islands hidden from all who are unworthy to find them. A cat can be a guardian of great power, and a leopard the agent of divine justice. The dead might return to further serve their infernal masters, or be led across the continent in Hellequin's Hunt.

Living Lore is a supplement for Ars Magica, containing dozens of medieval legends adapted for your saga. Whether you want a tempting faerie or a new mystery cult, there is something for you in this book.

Written by Robert Angeloni, Keith Baker, Niall Christie, Erik Dahl, Rich Evans, Timothy Ferguson, Adam Gauntlett, Nathan Hook, Eric Kouris, James Maliszewski, Patrick Murphy, Matt Ryan, and Sheila Thomas.

Written by James Maliszewski / Keith Baker / Matt Ryan / Timothy Ferguson / Erik Dahl / Sheila Thomas / Niall Christie / Robert Angeloni / Rich Evans / Adam Gauntlett / Nathan Hook / Eric Kouris / Patrick Murphy