Armed and Dangerous

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From the age-old forges of the wise elven people to the deep underground mines of the first dwarven kingdoms came a wide variety of treasures of great practicality and tremendous value. Among these wondrous riches were weapons of unbelievable quality, of unique designs, and of unsurpassed commodity. Both the mundane and magical types of weapons were made in the forges of olden days, and many craftsmen continue to fashion these items to this day.

From the bulky arms of the armies of the dwarven Under-the-Mountain Kings to the fine stylized blades of the stealthy elven hosts, as well as from the more numerous wonders crafted by human hands and from other members of the younger humanoid races, a vast array of magical armament exists. Presented here are a few samples of these remarkable creations.

MUNDANE WEAPONS: Balanced, Bladed, Collapsible, Hidden Blade, Reinforced, Spiked, Weighted

MAGICAL WEAPONS: Brilliant, Concealment, Crystal, Diseased, Distracting, Dueling, Horrific, Reflective, Spell Stealing, Unbreakable, Weapon Stealing

Written by Richard Farrese