Animal Archives: DinoFiles II - Theropods

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The second installment in the DinoFiles line focuses on the theropods, an order of dinosaurs that produced some of the most fearsome predators the planet has ever seen. Inside this volume you will find theropods of all sizes and shapes, from the speedy, man-sized Coelophysis to the gargantuan Giganotosaurus, the largest terrestrial predator of all time.

All of these dinosaurs can be easily inserted into any campaign, and can be used by DMs and players alike. In addition, with CRs ranging from 1 to 12, there's a dinosaur appropriate for nearly all levels of play, either as a challenging foe or an interesting option for familiars, mounts, and animal companions.

So, if you are looking to spice up the jungles and primeval forests of your campaign, or you just want to give your PCs some interesting options for animal companions, then take a look at Blackdirge Publishing and the DinoFiles series.

Animal Archives: DinoFiles II -Theropods features 23 pages of new d20 material, and includes:

  • Coelophysis - a small, lightly built theropod.
  • Sandstrider - a mutant breed of coelophysis with a deadly gaze.
  • Dilophosaurus - a large theropod with a distinctive double crest.
  • Crested Spitter - an evolutionary offshoot of the dilophosaurus with a venomous bite.
  • Ceratosaurus - a large predatory theropod with a horned snout.
  • Baryonyx - a bizarre fish-eating theropod armed with two massive sickle-like claws.
  • Giganotosaurus - the largest theropod yet discovered, displacing the great Tyrannosaurs Rex as the largest terrestrial carnivore ever.

Also featured:

  • An informative introduction on theropods.
  • A summon monster appendix featuring fiendish and celestial versions of all the featured theropods.
  • Information for player characters, including info on animal companions, mounts, and familiars.
  • Real world information on each theropod.
  • A reprint of the two Blackdyrge's Templates used in the product: half-basilisk and venomous.
  • Fantastic illustrations for each theropod by Hunter McFalls.

Written by Aeryn Rudel