An Army's Arms: Slyvanian Infantry

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Are your enemy soldiers all starting to seem the same? Do your bandits carry weapons with absolutely no special features at all? Does your used weapons shop only carry the most standard tools? Did you ever wonder if a soldier should be carrying more than "chain mail armor, spear, medium shield"?

The Army's Arms series is a glimpse into the military units in a fantasy world, including their history, their assignments, their stats, but mainly their weapons and equipment. Intended to add some flavor and flair to your game, it will also add some variety to the loot you pass out. In an effort to add both realism and ease to any role-playing game, this series will detail a particular military group, giving you all the information you will need about that troop.

The Slyvanian Infantry is a rather standard elven army. Based in their forest capital, they are the best and brightest that elvenkind has to offer. Not only does this supplement detail the elven soldiers, but it also gives information from before the Elf-Dwarf War and immediately after the elves came in second.

This supplement does not use any specific game rules and should be useful no matter what game you're playing. The World of Fletnern is used as a setting, but the people and equipment within this book are designed to be transported into any game world you might wish to use. This 20-page supplement lists descriptions of the units, who they fight for, and what action they might be encountered in. There are also notes on what they might be best at, including suggestions to help you quickly assign stats for the characters. There are also detailed lists of their standard equipment and what else might be found.

Written by John Josten