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The Mafia's Mafia

Every culture has their underworld figures - the crime "families". The Mafia, the Yakuza, the Triads, the Organizatsiya, and others are all threads in a huge tapestry of criminal activity. Their close ties and honour codes make them capable law-dodgers, and most of their activities come just below the line of sight of the average man on the street.

But sometimes, the resources of a few close-knit families are not enough. Which is where you come in.

The Affiliation is not the Mafia but the Mafia's Mafia. While they have a single bloodline as their base, their hiring policies ensure that they have a widespread pool of human resource from which to draw. They provide the things that the other criminal organizations need - safe houses, weapons, information and, if the need arises, assassins hired out on a short-term basis.

From its inception, this organization thrived. Not only were they no competition for the other crime lords, they actually catered to the families. It was in no one's interest to take them down, and their influence grew over the years.

Things have changed. Others are moving in on your territory. There is now a chance that the Affiliation may go to war for the first time in decades. On top of your other duties, vigilance against these others is crucial.

Affiliates is a role-playing game of guns, fast cars, high-flight espionage, and really inventive unpleasantness.

The Player's Guide contains the core rules for the Affiliates RPG, including character creation and rules of play. It also includes some background material, including general overviews of Smythe Affiliates' history, important NPCs, possible settings and potential game hooks. Expanded background details, NPC dossiers, and additional rules can be found in the GM's Guide.

Written by Janet Neilson