The Pleasure Prison of the B'thuvian Demon Whore

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Straight from the table of Elite Game Master Doug Douglason to you! See the master at work in Fear of Girls.

This module includes 32 adventure-packed pages, complete with detailed maps and descriptions, forming a ready-made adventure. It has been crafted for one player and one Elite Game Master, so even the smallest gaming group has adventures suitable to their needs with minimal preparation time. With some minor scaling, The Pleasure Prison of the B'thuvian Demon Whore is suitable for use with a traditional four-player party.

The Pleasure Prison of the B'thuvian Demon Whore: the adventure that is, quite frankly, too strong for the mere hobbyist gamer! A desert caravan ambushed! An incognito Queen elfnapped and taken to some sandy hideaway! A hero of epic proportions! Within these covers is the greatest adventure ever told. Will the dangerous renegade B'thuvian Demon Whore Alayshia have her way with our hero or will he have her to his way? Which way will the having be?

Only you, playing the role of Krunk, barbarian of the frozen wastes, will ever know.

This adventure is designed for Krunk, barbarian of the frozen wastes, a 7th-Level barbarian, but if you play it with anyone other than Krunk, you'd best be a few levels higher. Krunk is a god among men.

If you enjoy this module, look for future releases in the 1 on 1 Adventures line from Expeditious Retreat Press.

Written by Doug Douglason