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If you can read this you are provoking an attack of opportunity

The "personal bubble." d20 has defined this term for a generation of gamers. Literally. Around each of us is a five-foot zone that we control with absolute sovereignty. This sphere (well, cube, typically) of airspace is constantly under our watchful eyes and we are all vigilant against incursion into this space. Should some hapless fool decide to pop the bubble, you need only wait until they carelessly step away from you.

Or until they cast a spell. Or use a ranged weapon. Or they stand from prone. Or they sneeze. Or they stop to read this shirt.

Or any number of things. Point is, within five feet of you, you are an unstoppable killing machine. The rules regarding all this can be a little vague. This black T-shirt quickly and conveniently explains to passers-by the gist of the mess that is the attack of opportunity rules, and warns them about the consequences of toying with your threatened area.