Unicorn Bait - T-Shirt

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Unicorn Bait REJECTED

As creatures of unparalleled grace and magnificence, unicorns tend to be a little picky about with whom they'll spend time. Specifically, they only enjoy the company of maidens. Maidens of . . . "pure virtue," if you catch our drift.

Obviously, then, if one wanted to catch a unicorn, one would need to employ such a person as bait. Just get yourself a sylvan glen and an appropriately innocent maiden, and the unicorn will then haplessly stumble into whatever dire end you have in store for it.

Unfortunately, not all of us so readily qualify as a viable unicorn lure. Some of us are . . . less than . . . "pure of heart." This black T-shirt will preempt questions from prospective unicorn hunters who think you might be just perfect in that sylvan glen.

Just imagine how awkward that conversation would be.