Monty Python: Cow Catapult Deluxe Set

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  • Contents
    1 catapult, 3 plastic ducks, 2 plastic sheep, 2 plastic cows, 1 cardboard rabbit

    Publisher Toy Vault
    Stock Number TYVMP023
    Weight 0.8 lbs

Plagued by knights?
Troubled by kings?

Keep your grail safe with this bovine trebuchet!

With this wonderful toy from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you can give your own interpretation to the famous phrase "Where's the beef?" Never before seen, this is the first time the Pythons have permitted anyone to see what the famous "Cow Catapult" looked like, as it was never seen in the movie (except by the unfortunate cows). With this rubber-powered catapult, you can fling cows, sheep, and ducks (all provided), as well as a large Trojan rabbit*, across castle walls or across your office or bedroom. The catapult is fully functional.

Includes three ducks, two sheep, two cows, and one wooden rabbit.

*Wooden Trojan rabbit made from high quality "rabbit brand" paper. Do not use as condom.