Monty Python: Plush Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth

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    1 plush rabbit

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The contents of this box will eat you.

Really big teeth. And pointy. I mean, just look at the chompers on that bunny. It'd mangle a man in seconds, that rabbit. Just let him out of his protective casing and he'd do you a treat, mate. I mean really - take a gander at the sheer size - not that end! - of that rodent's canines. You mess with him and you'll be sorry . . .

Here's your chance to own the adorable rabbit from the hilarious movie Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail.

Sharp Pointy Teeth! Remove from box with care. Better yet, don't remove. Personally inspected by Sir Bore. Would have been personally approved by Sir Bore, too, but . . . Added Bonus! Digestive tract of rabbit includes Sir Bore.