Tough Justice

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Tough Justice takes you back to the courtrooms of the Georgian era and The Bloody Code when even the most petty of crimes could see you dancing the Tyburn jig.

The stakes don't get any higher – life and death.

Are you going to take the part of the prosecution, condemning the criminals to death, whatever their crime?

Are you going to take the part of the defence, desperately trying to lessen the injustices of this horrifying era?

The drama spills beyond the courts into the gin-soaked streets, bordellos, clubs and parlours of every class. Gentlemen duel for honour, whores scratch each others' eyes out in 'hag fights'.

The filth and drama of a bygone era and the battle between mercy – and justice.

3+ Players.

Educational, historical, dramatic, adversarial story gaming.

Written by Ian Warner / Rowena Aitken