Glorantha: Beyond Pavis

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Adventures in the valley of the Zola Fel River

The Pavis and Big Rubble Companion: Volume 5

This book contains:

  • Part One: Pavis County
    • Pavis County
    • Indagos Town
    • The Lightbringer Merchants
    • Hero Bands of the Country
    • Worship of Uleria
    • The Elves of the Rubble
  • Part Two: Life Along the River
    • Newtlings of the Zola Fel
    • Holiday Glorantha: Horn Gate
    • Morocanth of the Zola Fel
    • Raus Town
  • Part Three: Borderlands!
    • Back in the Borderlands!
    • A New Governor
    • Weiss
    • A Ruin
    • Return to the Stone Tower
    • A Trip to Pavis
    • Restless Natives
    • Smugglers
    • Inhabitants of the Borderlands
  • Part Four: Bonus Articles
    • The Kiertianna of Pavis County
    • Dwarf Drinks

Written by Ian Thomson and friends.