Serenity Roleplaying Game

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Here's How It Is.

The Earth got used up. We found a new solar system and used terraforming technology to create hundreds of new Earths. The central planets formed the Alliance and decided that all worlds should unite under their rule. There was some disagreement on this point . . .

After the War for Unification, many Independents - those who fought and lost - drifted out to the Rim, far from Alliance control. Out on the Rim, people struggle to get by with the most basic technologies. Out here, a ship will bring you work. A gun will help you keep it.

A captain's goal is simple: Find a crew. Find a job. Keep flyin'.

The Serenity Roleplaying Game lets you re-create the action of the 'Verse, the unique and exciting science fiction setting created by writer/director Joss Whedon. Everything you need to get started is in this book. Add dice, friends, and your imagination. Fly a ship out into the Black, take jobs as they come, and make sure you get paid!

  • A self-contained roleplaying game. All the rules are provided for both players and Game Masters!
  • Full character creation rules, plus fifteen sample characters, including the crew of Serenity.
  • Complete details on spaceships, guns, and technology.
  • Emphasis on story, action, and character development, with easy-to-learn rules.
  • Game details, descriptions of the characters, and settings from the film!

Written by Jamie Chambers.

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