Blood Dawn

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In an instant, billions died. Now, sixty years after the nuclear holocaust the last vestiges of mankind crawl around in the radioactive hell that is the United States and Europe. In this desolate, post-apocalyptic world of magic, mutations, and machines, you as prophet must rebuild civilization. Out in the Waste, a bullet is worth two weeks of food, and reading and writing are illegal! Yet the fate of mankind lies in the hands of you and a few others. You cannot fail in your mission to take the Earth back from those who destroyed it.

Blood Dawn revolves around a group of Prophets (the players) who are sent out into the blasted ruins of Earth by the Underground Collective, a secret society devoted to taking the Earth back from those who destroyed it. The Prophets are a rag-tag bunch of misfits, humans, mutants, or worse, who have been selected by the Underground Collective and then "enhanced" to increase their power and survivability. The players must travel The Waste, winning its denizens over to their side, in the fight against those who live in the protected Dome cities, those responsible for the Earth's destruction.

Blood Dawn is a skill based system, utilizing a d20 as its base. Players can choose from six races to play, and equip them with a wide variety of skills and equipment to make each truly unique.

Written by Lawrence R. Sims