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Curses! is a comprehensive d20 guide to the use of curses, hexes and other magical afflictions. Curses! provides background material for expanding the notion of curses in your game and includes several new prestige classes, new feats, spells, and a number of variant options. From voodoo dolls to sweating blood, Curses! is everything you need to torment your PCs or spice up your favorite evil game! If evil isn't your style, there are also a variety of tools for vengeance and punishment and material to make your NPCs more interesting.

Curses! is not only useful to spellcasters but also to other classes. There are options for traditional hexers as well for those looking to add a little misery to their character - or that of others. The book also offers some rules that clarify and expand the existing d20 curse rules.

Curses! features:

  • Background material for curses based on many traditions including: Ancient Greece, the Judeo-Christian Tradition, Voudoun and the Evil Eye
  • A list of spells from the core rule books which gain the curse subtype - a new subtype for magical spells
  • Variant rules on the use of the curse subtype
  • New uses for the bestow curse and mark of justice spells
  • 17 new spells for bards, clerics, druids, paladins, rangers and sorcerer/wizards.
  • 12 new feats
  • 4 new prestige classes