GURPS: Interstellar Wars Sector Map Poster

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    1 rolled poster in a tube

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
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This map has been collated from unclassified information gathered by he Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of War, supplemented by reports from independent traders and other sources outside the Terran Confederation. It provides the most up-to-date summary of the worlds in the immediate vicinity of Terra, including all known worlds within the Vilani Imperium in this region of space. The Ministry of Trade solicits additions or corrections to this map by any merchant or other person with first hand knowledge of any world thereon.

It also looks really great on your wall, but that is entirely coincidental.

This poster is printed on high-quality photo paper for bright, lasting colors. It measures 11" x 17", and comes rolled up in a hard cardboard tube; multiple posters will be shipped in the same tube when possible. The image has a 1/8" white border on all sides.