Super Munchkin: Momentous Unmasking - T-Shirt

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Every hero needs a costume! *

This high-quality four-color shirt depicts the highly collectible and completely non-existent "Origin Issue" of Super Munchkin.

It gives a special in-game benefit . . . the wearer can avoid Traps!

* Bath towel tied around your neck is optional.

Official Rules

  1. If you are wearing an official Munchkin shirt*, you may draw one extra card from either deck when you start play or when you come back from the dead.
  2. If you are wearing the Momentous Unmasking shirt under another item of clothing, you may – once per game – dramatically reveal it when you encounter a Trap. You escape the Trap on a roll of 1-4. If you are wearing glasses, and dramatically remove them as well, you automatically escape the Trap!
  3. Either Steve Jackson's or John Kovalic's autograph on the shirt lets you attempt to escape from two different traps. With both autographs, you may try three times!
  4. Wearing two or more Munchkin shirts does NOT give you both bonuses. The one on the outside rules.
  5. Use of the Cheat! card overrides Rule 4 and lets you benefit from two different shirts. (It doesn't matter which one is outside.)
  6. But under no circumstance is there any bonus for MORE than two shirts at once, and players may never benefit from more than two shirts per game.

It is NOT an official tournament rule, but if you wish to make a house rule that a "Lose Your Armor" card requires you to remove your shirt(s), we cannot stop you.

*On your torso. Right side out.