Pyramid Mug, Maroon

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We know what you're drinking . . .

Coffee. As illuminations go, few things compare to that mandatory caffeine rush human beings (and some sub-humans and transhumans) require every morning. Unfortunately, coffee doesn't simply lift itself from the pot and bring itself to your mouth and enter your esophagus all on its own. Well, your coffee doesn't anyway. No, you'll need a receptacle of some sort. A middle man. A cylindrical go-between for you and the coffee pot.

Perhaps the Secret Masters to be of some assistance.

These fnordy mugs hold 11 oz. of your choice of liquid. Coffee is typical. The mugs are dishwasher safe (assuming you use a standard, Earth-made dishwasher, and not a Venusian laser-based cleaning unit). On either side of the mug is the symbol of our Secret Masters. One might even say the symbol is "emblazoned." One might also say that there aren't any secret, subliminal messages hidden within the cup. We promise.

Note to special operatives: this is not the same mug listed on page 23 of your field manual. While they look identical, that mug releases a deadly neurotoxin when used. We recommend you don't get them confused.

Also available in black, green, and fnord!