Illuminati Pin W23!

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Logistics & Support

There are more than 30 different colors of Illuminati pin. We won't say "collect them all," because that might endanger your sanity. But you are cleared to own as many as you think you need, and to lie to your friends about what they mean.

See below for the official public version of a partial guide to what the colors might mean (at the moment). Your browser does not have to have cookies enabled, but chips and candy bars should be turned on . . . Whoops, forget you heard that.

ColorStock NumberMeaning
Red 9002A Internal Security
Green 9002F Finance & Supply
w/red eye 9002G Applied Pyromania
Aqua 9002H Logistics & Support
Purple 9002I Subversion
Black 9002M Men in Black
w/red eye 9002N Covert Operations
w/silver metal 9002L Infiltration
w/red eye & silver metal 9002K Elite Suicide Squad
Yellow 9002T Department of Redundancy Dept.
Lavender 9002U Recruitment
w/red eye 9002U1 Involuntary Recruitment
Red/Dark Blue/White 9002B Surveillance
Red/Green/White 9002C Pharmacological Research
Red/Green/Yellow 9002D Eco-terrorism
Pink 9002O Blackmail
w/red eye 9002O2 Entrapment
w/silver metal 9002O1 Illuminated
Purple/Light Blue/Dark Blue 9002J Catering
Orange 9002P Political Liaison
White 9002Q1 Field Operations
w/red eye 9002Q Spec Ops Troubleshooter
w/blue eye 9002R Spec Ops Cover-Up
w/green eye 9002S Spec Ops Assassin
Light Blue 9002V Research & Development
w/red eye 9002V1 Invention Supression
Red/Dark Blue/Green 9002W Courier