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GURPS WWII: Grim Legions
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Italy Seeks Triumph, Finds Tragedy

From Hubris

March to the megalomanic visions of the man who would be Caesar reborn! Inside you'll find:

  • A retelling of the war through Italian eyes, as Mussolini's lions cross the globe to feed his pride.
  • A detailed look at the Italian armed forces, including the many shortcuts that made them far more formidable on paper than in practice.
  • New Italian character concepts - including the world's very first underwater warriors - and many refinements to existing templates.
  • A wide range of Italian small arms and vehicles, from deathtrap tankettes to biplane fighters and - nastiest of all - the manned torpedo.
  • A vast variety of campaign types and settings, including real-life sample units and resistance movements both in Italy itself and aimed at Italian troops elsewhere.

And more! GURPS WWII: Grim Legions captures the epic tragedy of Il Duce's grand ambitions from the perspective of those who fought and died for them. Find the truth behind the falsely farcical Italian reputation and step into the ragged boots of Rome's last legions today!

To Horror

GURPS WWII or GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition Revised, are required to use this supplement in a GURPS campaign. GURPS Compendium I, Compendium II, High-Tech, and Vehicles can provide further detail and campaign options. The content can be used with any game system.

Written by Michele Armellini.

First Edition, First Printing
Published April 2003