GURPS WWII: All the King's Men

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Fight as one of His Majesty's own with GURPS WWII: All the King's Men.

Watch as the storm clouds gather over Europe in the late '30s, and an unprepared England declares war against a Germany in its fighting prime. Experience the fear and heroism of Dunkirk, the sweltering seesaw of Africa, and the final triumphs of the Anglo-American campaigns as a battered British Empire pulls victory from the jaws of darkest defeat!

All the King's Men describes soldiers from all around the British Empire . . . the way they were recruited, trained, and sent to war, the men who led them, and the battles they won and lost.

You'll also find a cross-section of British weapons and equipment - from the very good to the very bad, from sidearms to the battleship King George V - and a host of campaign and adventure ideas for GMs.

So, keep your chin up and get your lads in the thick of it - sharpish!


GURPS WWII or the GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition Revised, are required to use this supplement in a GURPS campaign. Other GURPS WWII supplements, as well as GURPS Compendium I, Compendium II, High-Tech, and Vehicles can provide further detail and campaign options. The content can be used with any game system.