GURPS Steampunk Limited Edition Hardcover

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An Age of Discovery

The 19th century's heroes were adventurers, pioneers, and scientists, from explorers in the African jungles to inventors in basement workshops. They transformed the world. Enter an age of high adventure - the Age of Steam.

GURPS Steampunk offers you everything you need to build a Steam Age character or campaign:

  • Rules for steam-age technologies, including power plants, vehicles, and analytical engines
  • "Weird sciences" from etheric physics to phychical research, translated into GURPS rules
  • A guide to 19th-century history, geography, politics, and customs
  • The evolution of weapons and warfare in the real 19th century and in alternate TL(5+1) settings
  • New advantages, disadvantages, and skills, including TL(5+1) versions of scientific skills
  • New character templates to get your players started: the clergyman, the demimondaine, the detective, the inventor, the navy officer, the sportsman, and many others
  • Campaign seeds for several alternate steampunk worlds

If you love the science fiction of Verne or Wells; if you want a campaign filled with airships, analytical engines, etheric cannon, and other wonders; if you want to dam the Straits of Gibraltar, journey to Percival Lowell's Mars, or struggle to free the future from Morlock tyranny . . . then GURPS Steampunk is the book you've been waiting for.

GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition Revised and GURPS Compendium I are required to use this supplement in a GURPS campaign. GURPS Psionics, Robots, and Vehicles will be useful in many campaigns.

2000 Origins Award Winner
Best Roleplaying Supplement

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Written by William H. Stoddard.

First Edition, Second Printing
Published December 2001