GURPS Traveller: Planetary Survey 2 - Denuli

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The Shrieker World

The second of this new GURPS Traveller series! Planetary Survey 2, by Loren Wiseman and Shawn Havranek, presents the homeworld of a recently discovered intelligent race . . . the Shriekers. Unfortunately, all that most of Humaniti knows about the Shriekers is that their eggs are precious jewels. Will you help the Shriekers, or help wipe them out for profit?

This book includes:

  • The history of Denuli . . . the rise and fall of its native race and the world's connection withthe Imperium.
  • Denuli today . . . a world with great potential for cooperative biological research . . . or brutal exploitation.
  • Color star map and statistics for all worlds within jump-6 of Denuli.
  • Adventure seeds for Denuli as written, and alternate versions to fit many different campaigns.
  • Complete data on the native Shriekers, as NPCs or player characters.

Will you help them . . . or help wipe them out?

GURPS Basic Set, GURPS Traveller and GURPS Space are required for full use of this book in a GURPS campaign.

Written by Loren Wiseman and Shawn Havranek.

First Edition, First Printing
Published April 2001