GURPS Blue Planet

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A New Frontier . . .

In 2199, the planet Poseidon is humanity's newest home. Orbiting Lambda Serpentis, 35 light-years from Earth, it offers something Luna and Mars never had: indigenous life, as diverse as Earth's. And now it offers a treasure: xenosilicates, the mysterious genetic catalysts that can stop aging or remake species. Will the settlers from Earth learn from humanity's mistakes, or repeat them?

The game of Blue Planet offered roleplayers a richly detailed setting for outer space - and underwater - adventure. Now Steve Jackson Games offers the GURPS community a passport to this exotic world. In GURPS Blue Planet you will find:

  • A survey of Poseidon's history, geography, and biology.
  • New rules for underwater activities, including new advantages, disadvantages, and skills.
  • A guide to Poseidonian technology that's compatible with all the GURPS "tech" material.
  • Flexible character creation rules for many different levels of capability, from talented human to borderline superhuman.
  • Cybernetic and genetic enhancements for your characters, defined in terms of GURPS advantages and disadvantages.
  • Suggestions for creating a campaign that suits your own tastes, whether you favor fast-paced action or exploring philosophical issues.
If you're looking for a hard science fiction setting for your next adventure, let this be your guide to the Poseidonian frontier!

GURPS Blue Planet requires GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition Revised, and GURPS Compendium I for character creation and game mechanics. Its content is compatible with GURPS Bio-Tech, Ultra-Tech, and Vehicles, and other "tech" supplements. It explores many of the same issues as GURPS Uplift and Transhuman Space, though some of its technological assumptions are different. The setting can be used with any game system.

First Edition, First Printing
Published June 2003

Written by William Stoddard and Jon Zeigler.