GURPS Planet of Adventure

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Explore a world where aliens are the masters . . . and humans are pawns in their battles. Welcome to Tschai.

Planet of Adventure is the roleplaying adaptation of Jack Vance's classic "Tschai" stories. Follow in the footsteps of Adam Reith, a stranded Earth scout, as he makes his way across the planet in search of a ship to take him home. Along the way, you'll meet the belligerent Chasch, the sleek and murderous Dirdir, the inscrutable Wanek, and the secretive Pnume - as well as dozens of human subraces and bizarre monsters. Take your campaign through Pera, where humans make a stand against their alien masters; the Carabas, where great wealth lies literally at your feet, and the trick is surviving to enjoy it; and Sivishe, where barbaric customs and futuristic shipyards are found side by side.

This book can be used as the basis of a campaign in itself, or as a resource for a space, time travel, or alternate-dimension campaign.

A dark, detailed setting from a master worldbuilder . . . waiting for you in GURPS Planet of Adventure.

Written by James L. Cambias.

First Edition, First Printing
Published September 2003