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Enter The Four Realms . . . If You Dare!

What if the material world were but the tip of the iceberg - a single realm in a vast sea of infinities, each holding secrets deeper and more frightening than the one before? What if an alliance of supernatural beings - a Cabal of spirits, trolls, vampires, and wizards - ran it all, from the Post Office to the Godhead itself? What if the real history of the world were nothing but a twisted tale of conspiratorial weirdness, specifically engineered to hide these realities from you?

Ask no more, because it's all true. And you lived here all along and never had a clue. And you were probably better off that way, because the Cabal is the good news. They might control minds, suck blood, and use human empires as pawns in their games, but at least they look out for Creation. In a way, that makes them the good guys.

Don't ask about the bad guys . . .

GURPS Cabal can be used as a stand-alone setting or as a supplement for a GURPS Horror or GURPS Illuminati campaign. Highlights include:

  • Secret History - The true history of the world, from the First Creation to the present day.
  • Occult Cosmology - A detailed explanation of the Four Realms (the Material, the Astral, the Iconic, and the Spiritual), the planetary spheres, the zodiacal signs, the elemental planes, and the sephiroth.
  • The Cabal - The Secret Masters, their organization, their methods, and their rivals.
  • Magic - A detailed Hermetic magic system which adds astrological correspondences, Laws of Sympathy, and sacred architecture to the stock GURPS magic system, as well as complete rules for black magic, kabbalism, and Words of Power.
  • Woundrous Artifacts - Items of power, from the Great Orrery to the Hand of Glory.
  • Gods and Monsters - A bestiary of the supernatural, including djinn, elementals, Lemurians, reptoids, and the fearsome qlippoth.

GURPS Basic Set Third Edition Revised and Compendium I: Character Creation are required to use this book in a GURPS campaign. GURPS Grimoire and GURPS Magic Second Edition are recommended, but not vital.

Written by Kenneth Hite.

First Edition, First Printing
Published July 2001