Transhuman Space Hardback

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What is "human"?

In the year 2100, humanity faces its greatest challenge: settling the vast reaches of the solar system. Spacegoing transnationals develop technologies that governments fear to explore, while bizarre posthuman cultures bloom like exotic flowers. Will "human" cease to have any meaning in a world of genetic engineerning and digital consciousness?

It is a time of wealth and adventure, of tranformation and terror - the age of Transhuman Space! Within these pages, you'll find:

  • A future history of the next 100 years: the rise of China, the terraforming of Mars, and the birth of the first artifical intelligence.
  • A gazetteer of solar solar system, from Earth to thriving colonies on Luna, Mars, and beyond.
  • A detailed encyclopedia of transhuman space.
  • Dozens of transhuman character templates, from space-adapted parahumans to digital infomorphs. Play an AI or an intelligent octopus!
  • Complete rules for spacecraft design, travel, and combat.

Transhuman Space is the first in a comprehensive line of sourcebooks exploring a transhuman vision of the 22nd century, where biology and nanotechnology merge with interplanetary adventure.

Welcome to our future!

This book contains a complete roleplaying game. GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition, and GURPS Compendium I: Character Creation are helpful, but not required for full use of this book. GURPS Bio-Tech can provide additional options, but is not required.

Written by David Pulver.

Second Edition, First Printing
Published October 2002