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Transhuman Space: In The Well
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Hot and Heavy

In the Inner System, the worlds are closer together. Hotter. Full of promise and adventure. In The Well includes:

  • A detailed history of Mars, from the robot probes of the early 21st century, to the first manned landing in 2026, through the illegal terraforming plagues created by the Ares Conspiracy.
  • The uneasy truce on Mercury, where precious metal and abundant energy draw greedy eyes.
  • The stifling clouds of Venus, beneath which lurk a few hardy scientists, and some who are just there to hide.
  • New character types like the Recurver and Terraformer, new biomods, and new gengineered races.
  • A bestiary of gentically-enhanced animals, from smartcats to ice weasels.

Plus campaign ideas, personal hardware, land and air vehicles, and more! Here is the heart of the Solar System. The destiny of humanity is here. Seize the future.

GURPS Basic Set, Compendium I, and Transhuman Space is required to use this book in a GURPS campaign. GURPS Space and Bio-Tech may also be useful. The ideas in In The Well can be used with any roleplaying system.

First Edition, First Printing
Published February 2003

Written by Jonathan Woodward.