GURPS Traveller: Nobles

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Lords of the Stars

From the Imperial family to the lowest knight; from the fantastically wealthy duchess on her private estate world to the impoverished baronet who barely has a Free Trader's bunk to call his own; from the archduke who governs hundreds of worlds to the knight with no formal duties - in Traveller, the aristocracy plays a major role in society, in government, and in the military.

Would you like to serve one of the Imperium's nobles . . . or be one?

GURPS Traveller: Nobles details the lifestyle, fortunes, duties, and responsibilities of the nobility in the Third Imperium, the Vilani ruling class at the height of the Ziru Sirka, and the Darrian and Zhodani systems. Capsule biographies cover the Imperial family and other movers and shakers of the Imperium. Floor plans of mansions, private yachts, and vacation getaways are included.

First Edition, First Printing
Published August 2004

Written by Jon F. Zeigler and Loren Wiseman.