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Traveller Deck Plan 4 - Assault Cutter

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The Assault Cutter is an armored, reinforced version of the Modular Cutter, popular in military applications. This package includes 8 two-sided maps . . . 1" hexes on one side and 1.5" squares on the other, to fit any campaign! Included are the cutter itself and seven modules: boarding, ECM, fighter, Marine command, Marine firebase, medevac, and sensor. Also included is a sheet of full-color Cardboard Heroes miniatures to crew the cutter, including a Rampart fighter for the fighter module.

Compatible with all forms of Traveller, including Classic, MegaTraveller, T:NE, and GURPS Traveller; designed to be used with any 25-30mm figures.

Deck plans by Kieren Yanner.
Cardboard Heroes by Tom Biondolillo.