GURPS Vehicles Expansion 2

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Warp Speed!

This second set of new design components for GURPS Vehicles adds dozens of options to the GM's toolbox, collecting devices published in many other books and adding plenty of new ones. Now you can:

Add smart tracks to your tanks, so even the rockiest terrain in no trouble!
Give your helicopter X-Wing rotors - fly like a plane and land unpowered!
Plus lots of "weird tech" options, from ether sails to perpetual-motion engines!

This is a companion to GURPS Vehicles Expansion 1. You don't need that book to use this one, but you know you want it . . .

GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition, Revised and GURPS Vehicles, Second Edition are required to use this supplement in a GURPS campaign. The ideas in GURPS Vehicles Expansion 2 can be used with any roleplaying system.

Compiled by David Pulver.

First Edition, First Printing
Published February 2002