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GURPS Dragons

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Fang . . .

Ancient and primal, with reptilian scales, poison blood, and furnace breath, dragons stalk our nights. They wrap gleaming coils around us, and sleep on beds of gold and gems, waiting for the hero who will slay them. Deep in the subconscious, we feel the sun gleaming from polished scales. We ride the winds and summon the storm cloud. And with pearls beneath our jaws, we ascend to heaven.

. . . and Claw . . .

This book is about myths, dreams, and nightmares. It looks at dragons from all around the world, East and West, Old World and New. It tells their stories, and presents the hard facts in GURPS terms. Dragons includes one extended campaign setting and several shorter ideas, focused on dragons in all their variety - from a world suddenly devastated by monsters, to an interstellar empire where dragons serve as starships.

. . . and Fiery Maw!

There is no monster more central to the idea of heroism. Fighting a dragon can be a supreme adventure; roleplaying a dragon can be a supreme challenge. Come on in, and meet your dreams and nightmares. But remember what happens if you play with fire.

GURPS Dragons includes an appendix that converts the game material to GURPS Fourth Edition rules - this is the first preview of Fourth Edition anywhere!

Written by Phil Masters. Illustrated by Alex Fernandez.

First Edition, First Printing.
Published June 2004