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GURPS Age of Napoleon

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Meet the Little General

From his beginnings as a Corsican soldier, through his rise to power as the Emperor of France, to his final defeat at Waterloo, Napoleon Bonaparte built an empire . . . and a legend. Napoleon was that rarest of men - one whose life defined the age in which he lived. Now that age comes alive for your roleplaying game.

GURPS Age of Napoleon is a comprehensive guide to the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte. It contains:

  • A history of the years leading up to Napoleon's rule, including events in Europe, Asia, and the American colonies.
  • Biographies for dozens of leading men - and women! - of the age, many with GURPS character writeups.
  • Chapters about life under Napoleon, both for the bourgeoisie and for the nobility, and about the culture of the age - music, art, and literature.
  • Suggestions for campaigns in the Age of Napoleon. Play officers in the French fleet, Wellington's foot soldiers, American blockade-runners, or secret agents for any of the empires.
  • Plus detailed maps of Europe, France, and Paris, during and after the French Revolution!

It was an age when heroes were made, and age when history was a blank book waiting to be written. It was the Age of Napoleon.

GURPS Basic Set and Compendium I are required to use this book in a GURPS campaign. The historical information in this book can be used with any game system.

Written by Nicholas Caldwell.

First Edition, First Printing
Published May 2003